Community Mission

Provide a home to all 'Outcasts' with a love of Technology and Gaming

Open Community

We are a community, opening our vault door for the first time to anyone who wishes to join. Giving you a place to meet new people and play games, while building a commuinity so we can provide more resources to help achieve this

Game Servers

We try and provide as many of the highest quality game servers we can to our community, giving you a place to play while we handle the mantienance and work that is required. The more people we have the more servers we are willing to support

No Censorship | Be yourself

Our primary goal is to give a place to where anyone and everyone can be themselves, we wish for everyone to speak their mind freely without the risk of disciplinary action simply because someone does not agree. All we ask is you honor the rules and respect each other.

Current Servers hosted by Vault 666

Heres are some of the servers we currently support at this time

Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead


ARK: Survival Evolved

Minecraft (*Offline*)

Vault | eSports @ LSU Community Server

Arma 3: Exile

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Teamspeak 3

Where we go to relax

About US

The story of how it all began

  • 2000-2012

    A love for Gaming

    During the early years gaming was a crucial part of the group, We had all been friends for a long long time, and during this time we where always playing or talking about games and starting small little groups to play with every night. You know, back in the days of runescape.

  • July 2012

    The Transition

    As time we went on we slowly started to play with each other more and more until it became a daily occurance, by this time we had formed our first major group: NFG which would later resolve after some differences within the group

  • December 2014

    Attempting to make ammends

    A couple years after we left NFG behind, we managed to get back together once again this time with even more members under the name Teh Refrigerator, this is when we first began to expand and bring in outsiders. This would last a few years untill the second anniversary when there was a second falling out.

  • Janurary 2016

    The Revival

    On the two year anniversary of what we had created it began to slowly die out, so as a last resort the databases and servers were wiped cleaned and everything was reset back to where it all began this time under a new name. Vault 666. 666 Being not the mark of the beast but instead to represent our imperfections and to emphasize that our group would never be perfect. But instead it would be its own thing, where we all finally agree to let the past go and accept we are all different. Now after ironing out all the kinks we are ready to open our doors once again

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Community "Overseers" Directors

Serve to ensure the community is heading in a benefical direction while working towards our community mission

Troy "Heretic" Hower

Director | Financial Officer

Jeremiah "Janitor" Helstrom

Server Administrator | Lead Developer

Joshua "Professor" Kinjerski

Assistant Developer | Testing officer

Our Community Directors are actively learning skills in areas such as programming, database administration, server hosting, etc... to help improve the quality and expand the community. Our staff already have 3+ Years of experience in IT related fields and 2+ In Server Administration to help along the way